Seven Resume DON’Ts: #5 GPA

In our last Resume DON’T, we discussed why you don’t list your high school graduation or experience (#6 Resume DON’T). Today, we will discuss the #5 of the Resume DON’Ts: The GPA.  A professional with years of work experience listing his or her grade point average on a resume is a common mistake.

#5  DON’T :  The GPA

You studied. You worked diligently. You made the Dean’s List. You graduated college with a 4.0, a perfect grade point average (GPA).  Congratulations, this outstanding achievement shows character. Ten years pass and once again you have achieved excellence by focusing on your career, growing and reaching exceptional goals.  Yet, you still feel the need to list your GPA on your resume.

Simply put, don’t list your GPA.  Once you have several years of work  experience, it’s time to remove your  GPA from your resume and let go of your past academic success and focus on your professional endeavors.   At this point in your career, your work experience speaks more to your skills and capabilities rather than your college GPA.  Use the space on your resume to provide information about your professional accomplishments and how your skill set will contribute to a company’s bottom line.

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