Seven Resume DON’Ts: #6 High School Education

As you prepare and revise your resume, there are several items you do not want to include on your resume.  In our previous Seven Resume DON’Ts post,  we discussed the importance of a Professional Summary rather than an objective.  Today, we will discuss the #6 of the Seven Resume DON’Ts.

#6  DON’T :  High School Education

Congratulations!  You graduated high school…7, 12, or maybe 18 years ago.  That’s great, but when reviewing your resume, I need to know what sets you apart from other applicants. What other types education and/or relevant (and more recent) training have you received?

Education, training, degrees and certifications are important.  In many cases, a position’s requirements will include specific certifications or degrees.  In general, listing your high school diploma or experience is not necessary.  Typically, it is not relevant and just takes up resume space.

I’m amazed when I see a professional’s resume include a high school degree.  With the hundreds of resumes I review for a position, I don’t want or need to see your high school information, and that includes your extracurricular activities.  In addition, common sense says your educational and training experience has helped you succeed this far, and chances are you graduated from high school.

Keeping in mind there are some exceptions, you might include your high school diploma information if you are:

  • Currently enrolled in high school (list anticipated graduation date).
  • Currently taking college courses and do not have a professional background.
  • Applying for an internship while in college.
  • A recent high school graduate and you are not attending college.
  • Submitting your resume for a position that list high school degree required and that is your highest level of education.

If you have work experience, use your valuable resume space to list your degree(s) and relevant certifications and training.  In order for you to progress through the application process and receive an interview opportunity, the reviewer needs to see information explaining why your education and training experience is unique and right for the position.

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