Why Should Your Company Partner with a Talent Search Firm?

Recruiting firm finding top notch talent

Your Human Resources department know how to recruit.  More than likely, they have built departments and know how to get candidates to submit resumes, screen, interview, extend offer and hire. Why would your company need to partner with a recruiting or talent search firm?  Having spent many years as a Human Resources executive, I understand the ins and outs, highs and lows of running a successful HR department while driving the talent strategy for a company.  There are only so many hours in a day to deal with employee relations matters, benefit enrollment/administration, training, recruiting, and all areas of HR operations.

As part of your company’s strategy, hiring extraordinary talent in order reach the company’s objectives is key. The recruiting process is critical in order to grow your organization’s reputation and revenue. Marketing, sales, operations, and all divisions need capable leaders possessing:

  • Outstanding skills needed to drive the organization’s success.

  • Experience utilizing skills in order to obtain exceptional achievements.

  • Personality that works well with the company’s culture, beliefs and values.

  • Ability potential to grow professionally within the organization.

So, how do you fit the full life cycle recruiting into your HR staff’s busy schedule? Or if you are a one or two person team, how do you create more hours in the day to perform successful talent searches?   Hiring the right search firm will ultimately save you time and money!  Hiring an experienced talent search firm simplifies the process, thus making recruiting easier and more efficient. A search firm’s focus is to find talent that meets the client’s criteria and works well within the organization’s culture.  In addition, a firm has the ability to source top candidates who are actively employed from parallel industries, networks, and competitors.

A successful search firm partners with you throughout the entire recruiting process while knowing how the search impacts the success of the organization’s bottom line.  In addition, a talent search firm learns and understands the organization’s culture in addition to each position’s job responsibilities.

So what are some of the benefits of hiring a search firm to assist you in the recruiting process?  Here are a few I’ve heard from our clients:

Customizing services to meet your needs. Each company and search is unique. When I opened SWP Associates, Inc’s  doors over 10 years ago, I applied my HR experience knowing that company culture is extremely important in the recruiting and hiring process.  In addition, understanding the parameters of the position is a necessity, including skill set, location, education and experience.  Developing a customized strategy for each position based upon these factors is key in finding and hiring outstanding talent.

Achieving better results in less time. Recruiting exceptional talent takes time and resources. When you engage a recruiting firm, we dedicate our time and resources to find the best candidates who will meet your needs. We have proven processes in place that work, and are experienced in tailoring them to meet your needs during an efficient time frame.

Confidentiality. We respect the confidentially of both our clients and candidates.  Professional firms maintain discretion in all forms of communication.

Networking. Established recruiters are professional networkers. They have deep networks within industries of expertise. We know where to find exceptional talent.

We are social! In today’s market, a recruiter needs to be networking offline and online.  We are experts with both. LinkedIn and other social media venues are in our toolbox.  In addition, we are also in the trenches attending meetings, conferences, and other events where we meet extraordinary talent.

Assisting throughout the entire process. We don’t want to leave you hanging!  A recruiting firm will assist you in setting up interviews, reference checks, meetings, and any other search related activity within the recruiting lifecycle.

A fruitful search firm partnership is based upon trust, communication, and commitment by each party. Cultivating a true partnership with a recruiter or search firm will help you attract, hire, and retain top quality industry talent!


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